A bit about me:

I’ve been playing the piano for a really long time. When I turned eight, my parents gave me piano lessons. I advanced quickly and had the opportunity to play in a number of musical festivals and competitions. I played a wide array of music ranging from classical, to pop, and even ragtime. Honestly, ragtime was probably one of my favorites. In any case, I took lessons for a number of years and gained a strong musical foundation from my teacher Maxine.

Fast forwarding a bit, I ended up getting really sick in my early twenties and for a few years was unable to play the piano. During that time, I dreamt of being able to sit at the piano and hoped and prayed that one day I’d be able to. Through a series of events, I finally found myself back at the piano. As I sat there reflecting on the melodies that had swirled around in my head during the previous years, I found myself reaching out to touch the keys. I’d never tried playing my own melodies before. I was a classically trained musician who brought other composers music to life. But, on this particular day, I started playing my own songs.

Ever since the day where I was able to return to the piano, I’ve had a constant flow of melodies in my heart. I play the piano because I love it. Music is such a blessing in my life, and it’s truly a miracle to be able to share my love of the piano with so many others. I hope that you find the escape that you’re seeking when you listen to my songs.